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Seller FAQ

1. **What is The**
   - The Artisan is an online e-commerce platform for artisans to sell their unique handmade, handcrafted, and personalized items. The platform offers support in promotion and marketing to help artisans grow their businesses.

2. **What products can I sell on The**
   - The Artisian prefers unique items not found elsewhere. You can sell handmade, handcrafted, and personalized items of your own designs.


3. **How can I sell my products on The**
   - To sell on The Artisian, you must first register as a seller. After registration, your seller profile will be activated, and you can upload your products through the seller dashboard.


4. **Are there any registration fees?**
   - No, seller registration and listing products on The Artisian are completely free of cost.


5. **How to list my products?**
   - After registering as a seller, you can start uploading your products through the seller dashboard on The Artisian.


6. **How to register on The Artisian as a seller?**
   - Visit , login, click on "Register as seller," fill in the details, and submit. Your profile will be activated within 6-24 hours.


7. **Do I need GST to sell on The Artisian?**
   - GST is optional for sellers on The Artisian.


8. **Who will deliver the products to the customer?**
   - The Artisan handles the delivery. Products are picked up from the address provided by the seller at the time of registration.


9. **How will I know if I receive any orders?**
   - You will receive notifications via email and WhatsApp for any orders placed on The Artisian.


10. **Do I always need to keep the product ready?**
    - It's recommended to keep products ready for fast delivery. Dispatch time for handmade and personalized items is typically 3-4 days.

 We understand that some items may require additional processing time, especially for pre-orders or custom-made products. For such items, the delivery timeframe may extend up to 20 days from the date of order placement. We advise sellers to communicate any expected delays to customers transparently and provide regular updates on the status of their orders. Maintaining clear communication helps manage customer expectations and ensures a positive shopping experience.


11. **How is the pricing of the product decided?**

  • Sellers determine the price of their products, including any applicable delivery and packaging charges, during the product upload process on The Artisian platform.

  • Additionally, sellers should consider The Artisian's commission fee, which ranges from 15% to 30% based on the seller's plan, when setting the product price. This commission fee covers the platform's operational costs, including marketing, customer support, and technology infrastructure.

  • Sellers are encouraged to calculate the total cost of their product, including the commission fee, delivery, and packaging charges, to ensure competitiveness and profitability while listing products on The Artisian. Transparent pricing helps build trust with customers and enhances the overall shopping experience.

12.** How is the commission calculated, and are there any additional charges for delivery?**

   - The commission charged by The Artisian is determined based on the seller's plan and is calculated as a percentage of the total order value. Depending on the seller's plan, the commission rate can range from 15% to 30%.

   - After deducting the commission, if The Artisian provides courier services for the delivery, any applicable delivery charges will be deducted from the remaining amount. These delivery charges cover the cost of shipping the products to customers and are determined based on factors such as package weight, dimensions, and delivery location.

   - Sellers should factor in both the commission and delivery charges when setting product prices to ensure profitability and transparency in pricing. The Artisian strives to provide competitive commission rates and transparent shipping fees to support sellers and enhance the overall selling experience on our platform.


12. **How will I receive payments?**
    - Payments are done through bank transfer. Provide your bank details at the time of Your first order .


13. **What is the return policy?**
    - Refer to the return policy on


14. **How do I handle my shops and orders if I'm not available?**
    - Notify The Artisian if you'll be unavailable for an extended period, and they'll disable your shop to prevent orders during that time.

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